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  • Nancy

Style Guide: Casual Date Outfit

Here are some fashion ideas if you've ever wondered what to wear with a maxi skirt or maxi dress. These longer styles are some of my favorite looks, and this is one way I'd accessorize them. Maxi skirts and dresses are really versatile and can be worn all year round ... well, at least in warmer climates like here in Southern California! I'd probably avoid them in the snow or the rain though ... no one wants a muddy, slushy, soggy hemline!

For this look, I chose this pretty wine-colored, sleeveless tank dress with a tie-front around the hips. Not only is the tie-front cute, but it's one of those fashion ideas that can stylishly hide a bit of a tummy. A cream-colored, dolman sleeve cardigan serves as a lightweight sweater and still shows the tie-front of the dress if worn open. I like the color of the caramel satchel and wedge sandals with the wine-tinted dress. It just feels warm and pretty. To finish the outfit, my Sparkling Vine Blush Scroll Chandelier Crystal Necklace makes a statement as it drops down to mid-chest level. The sweet Champagne Glass Charm Bracelet and Champagne Wine Drop Earrings complement the necklace and complete the look.

Shop the Look:

1) Sans Souci burgundy tie-front tank dress, 2) Splendid ribbed-front cardigan, 3) Sparkling Vine Champagne Glass Bracelet, 4) Sparkling Vine Blush Scroll Chandelier Crystal Necklace, 5) Sparkling Vine Champagne Wine Earrings, 6) Jessica Simpson Adyson lace-up wedge sandals, 7) Prada convertible belted satchel

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