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  • Nancy

Designing Jewelry In the Studio

I'm excited to share a peek in the studio where I make most of my jewelry collections. I work out of my home -- sometimes in my studio and other times on the kitchen counter or dining table if I'm working on a large wholesale jewelry order and need more room. I'm lucky to have such a nice space to work out of, though I wish it got a bit more light later in the day. (I'm not a morning person!) I wanted it to look pretty and comfortable in the studio and make it a place that inspires creativity.

When I'm in the studio, my design process involves lots of trial and error. I usually start with a general idea for a piece, and then I tend to play around with various crystals, beads, and other jewelry components until I come up with a design I'm happy with.

In this short video, you'll get a glimpse into how I became a jewelry designer and what inspired the idea for wine-inspired jewelry. I'll show you some of the steps to my design process for creating my cork jewelry. And then you'll see what else makes these pieces -- and their wearers -- so unique.


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