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This pretty little porcelain dish is so multi-purpose! Set it on your dresser to hold a few pieces of jewelry (like the Syrah Cluster Pendant and Cabernet Bottle Bracelet, as seen in the photo) or put it on the nighstand for those late nights when you forget to take off your necklace before bed. 


But it's not just a jewelry dish -- it also doubles as a wine bottle coaster! Just set your bottle in the dish to catch any drips and protect tables and other delicate surfaces. It's even wide enough to hold a bottle of champagne for those special occasions. I treated the dish for water-resistance, so wine drips will wipe away cleanly.


Other uses:

- Store paper clips, business cards, mini post-it notes on your desk

- Set on the coffee table as a catch-all for small items that might get lost

- Hold barrettes, clips, and other hair accessories


Each dish is individually hand-sculpted from Italian cold porcelain and formed into an organic shape, almost like flower petals. After curing, I hand-paint them with pearescent and champagne finishes. The dishes are a juxtaposition between rustic and elegant -- the imperfect ruffled edges and mottled texture pair beautifully with the shimmery finish.


The Jewelry Dish/Wine Bottle Coaster make a lovely match with the Wine Glass Charms & Charm Dish.

Jewelry Dish/Bottle Coaster

SKU: 07H-004
  • Details

    • Approximately 6" diameter x 1" high
  • Care Instructions

    Italian cold porcelain is not quite as delicate or as prone to chipping as typical porcelain, but care should be taken that it's not dropped or handled too roughly. It's still a type of porcelain after all.


    • This dish is water-resistant, but not waterproof. Do not immerse in water.
    • Do not put in dishwasher or microwave.
    • If it becomes soiled, gently wipe with a soft, slightly damp cloth and dry.
    • Do not drop. This dish is made from porcelain clay and is breakable. Do not handle roughly or hit against a hard surface.



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