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The Twig Statement Necklace seems like it's right out of a fairytale. Imagine you're a princess walking through the forest, silk slippers stepping over moss-covered branches, songbirds serenading you along a dirt path. Your pastel boho dress skims your shoulders and flows in the breeze. The sunlight filters through the trees as you stop in a grassy clearing. You feel completely at peace.


The Twig Statement Necklace brings you back to that peaceful place. Delicate copper-toned grape twigs connect and form an intricate yet bold necklace with faceted amethyst-colored crystals that sparkle in the light. A hand-molded polymer clay grape leaf with a touch of champagne shimmer drops from the bottom. This striking piece hits just below the collarbone and dangles down.


- Metal alloy twigs

- 3/4 x 3/4 clay leaf

- 18" gunmetal chain

- Hook and eye clasp

Twig Statement Necklace

SKU: 05N-015
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