Why Do Customers Choose Sparkling Vine Design?

MyCorporation, a company that provides online document filing services for small businesses, recently interviewed me about why customers choose Sparkling Vine Design.

They asked entrepreneurs from a variety of industries to share what draws people to their company - was it their customer service, competitive pricing, or the product/service itself?

My response (see #22) focused on my product:

“I’m an artist and jewelry designer. I make handcrafted, wine-inspired jewelry out of repurposed wine corks, reproductions of my wine-themed paintings paired with chandelier crystals, and other related pieces.

Customers choose my business because I make beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces, and I’m the only designer who specializes in jewelry for wine lovers.” – Nancy Kanter, Sparkling Vine Design

What are your thoughts? What makes you choose one company over another? Is it their customer service, pricing, the product/service itself, or some other factor? Share your thoughts!

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