Does Your Jewelry Storage Spark Joy?

Jewelry storage that sparks joy, jewelry storage ideas, porcelain dish

It's the season for getting organized, and I'm here to help you improve your jewelry storage setup! Have you been watching the new Netflix series, "Tidying Up" with Marie Kondo? Marie has such a positive and cheerful attitude that inspires people to look at their homes as sanctuaries -- as places that hold only those belongings that "spark joy," as she says.

My boyfriend and I just finished the series, and now we're feeling inspired to do some Spring cleaning and organization ourselves! While I'm certainly not a pack rat, I suppose I might hold onto a few too many things ... maybe.

Jewelry storage that sparks joy, jewelry storage ideas

One of Marie's tips for clothing storage is to fold each piece in thirds and instead of stacking them flat in drawers, place them standing up vertically so you can actually see what's in there. Mind. Blown.

I haven't quite gotten to that project yet, but I love creative storage ideas. Yoga pants and jewelry -- as different as they seem -- are two things that certainly spark joy for me. But it does help to have places to store all my joyful pieces so my home doesn't start looking too cluttered. I'm not a neat freak, but I do like having things pretty organized. It clears space in my mind and helps me feel more creative.

Currently, I have three jewelry storage spots where I put the pieces I wear -- in a large jewelry box, on a metal jewelry tree on my dresser, and hanging from a glass-knobbed coat hook I attached to the wall of my closet.

So how do you store your jewelry? Here are a few creative jewelry storage ideas I love. Maybe they'll inspire you.

Picture Frame Jewelry Storage

To recreate this idea, find a picture frame you love and remove the glass. Wrap burlap or fabric around the frame backing; pull it taut; and use strong tape, glue, staples, or just wedge it in place into the frame. Add small screw hooks and that's it!

Wall Tree Jewelry Storage

This jewelry storage idea is so cool, and it's easier than it looks! Just stick vinyl tree branch stencils to the wall (or paint the branches if you're really feeling creative!), and then use screw hooks or pins to hang your necklaces.

Porcelain Dish Jewelry Storage

Not the DIY type? No problem! I personally designed this jewelry storage idea by sculpting a pretty little porcelain dish in Italian cold porcelain clay. Set it on your dresser to hold a few pieces of jewelry (like the Syrah Cluster Pendant and Cabernet Bottle Bracelet seen in the photo) or put it on the nighstand for those late nights when you forget to take off your necklace before bed.    But it's not just a jewelry dish -- it also doubles as a wine bottle coaster! Just set your bottle in the dish to catch any drips and protect tables and other delicate surfaces. It's even wide enough to hold a bottle of champagne for those special occasions. I treated the dish for water-resistance, so wine drips will wipe away cleanly.   Other uses: - Store paper clips, business cards, mini post-it notes on your desk - Set on the coffee table as a catch-all for small items that might get lost - Hold barrettes, clips, and other hair accessories

Charm Dish Jewelry Storage

And last, but not least ... I designed this pretty little dish as a wine charm holder, but you can also use it for jewelry storage -- place a ring in the dish on your bedside table, put it in a special spot near the sink to keep your rings dry while doing dishes, or just use it to hold wine charms for your next gathering!

Hopefully, I've given you helpful jewelry storage ideas that'll free up space for new pieces! Take a few minutes to browse through my collections. I hope you'll find some new jewelry that sparks joy in you.


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