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A crystal statement necklace and unique necklaces made from cork

Have you ever traveled along California’s beautiful central coast for a wine tasting weekend with a good friend? On the way, you stop in the tiny town of Cambria and take a walk down the wooden pathways stretched along the length of Moonstone Beach, named for the bits of moonstone peppered within its dark sand. You then head to Main Street and browse through sweet old-fashioned storefronts housing art galleries and eclectic shops. Scenic Highway 46 to Paso Robles is right outside of Cambria and as you drive along, your view changes from rocky coastal beaches to grassy hills and rows of vineyards planted long ago. Wineries are everywhere. You and your friend spend the weekend laughing and connecting over sips and swirls and flights of wine.  

This is the moment I want to bring you back to with my jewelry. 

I believe in making meaningful connections that inspire

and bring women together. And when you think about it, 

this often includes the clinking of glasses and a toast.



I like to imagine that I’m sharing the positive energy of my own moments of connection with you when

I upcycle my wine corks into jewelry for you to wear. It's like we're a couple of old friends sharing a glass of wine together. 

Just as old vines make the best wines, some of the most beautiful jewelry

is influenced by vintage style. Do you like classic clothing in structured shapes

that gently hug your curves? Do you make sure that there’s always an interesting

detail to your outfit - a ruffle, a bow, or at least a unique piece of jewelry?

Well then, you are exactly who I'm designing for!


I draw inspiration from the romantic and intricate jewelry of the early 1900s' Edwardian and Art Deco periods –

including the violet and green suffragette jewelry of that same period – and then I update the look and pair it with wine!

I connect the old with the new by reimagining used wine corks and upcycled chandelier crystals as unique pieces of jewelry. Each of my CollectionsCork, Crystal, Structure, Tasting, HarvestWine Bar, Bridal – is intertwined with vineyards and the culture of wine while evoking an old-world feel. A bit of tradition enhanced by progress. Sparkling Vine style is vintage with a modern twist, connecting the past with the present. My latest collection, Beauty Is Inside, is a bit of a departure. It's all about inspiring and empowering women, with a portion of net profits going to organizations that help improve the lives of women and girls. 



I design jewelry inspired by vineyards and vintage style,

made for women who cheer each other on!



Imagine yourself wearing one of these beautiful statement necklaces and going back to a special moment in time.

Connection, passion, inspiration. Find yours with Sparkling Vine Design.



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What people are saying ...

“My sister-in-law was looking for wine-inspired jewelry and I came across your website. Your jewelry is gorgeous and just what I was looking for.”   -    Jessica A.

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