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Personal Shopping

Choosing the perfect accessories to complete an outfit can sometimes be daunting, especially when you have an important occasion coming up like a wedding, job interview, or romantic date. 


As an exclusive service to my clients, I'm pleased to offer complimentary personal shopping assistance. Consider me a good friend who will give you one-on-one advice at a virtual jewelry counter. I'll curate a selection of jewelry that fits your taste and makes you feel beautiful. 


Just send me a message with your answers to the following 5 questions, along with a photo of an outfit (or outfits) that you're interesting in pairing with jewelry. Preferably, send a photo of you wearing the outfit for even more personalized service. I will send you links to several options that will complement your look. There is no obligation to buy. 

Tell me about yourself:

  1. Do you need jewelry for a special event? If so, what is the occasion?

  2. Do you prefer bright colors or neutrals?

  3. What colors do you like/dislike?

  4. Do you tend to wear delicate jewelry or larger statement pieces? 

  5. Would you describe your style as casual, sophisticated, bold, etc.?


Email me your answers and photos!


Congrats! You’re subscribed.

       Additional resources:


Check out the 7 Style Categories I put together to help you select pieces that reflect your taste.


Looking for the perfect gift for someone else? How thoughtful! Check out my exclusive Gift Guide, and I'll help you select a piece that fits the recipient's personality and style.


For ideas on how to pair Sparkling Vine jewelry with various sample outfits, view my Style Guide. Better yet, subscribe to Wine Life, my exclusive lifestyle magazine, to receive new style ideas in your inbox along with tips on entertaining, decor, and more:  




Custom Orders:
Looking for a bracelet to match one of the necklaces? Need something blue for a wedding, a set of matching bridesmaids' necklaces, or a special gift? Want a personal photo or quote incorporated into a crystal or art pendant? I'll try to make it happen! 
Interested in carrying Sparkling Vine jewelry in your shop or winery? I'm pleased to offer a wholesale catalogue (pending eligibility).
Contact me for details and pricing.

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