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Caring for Your Jewelry

A few things to consider when caring for your Sparkling Vine jewelry:


- My pieces are carefully handcrafted and assembled. However, due to the delicate nature of

handmade jewelry, they're made for gentle use. 


- Be careful not to drop your jewelry - particularly the crystal or glass pieces.


- Do not yank, pull on, or twist the pendants, chains, or grape clusters. 


- Do not sleep with your jewelry on or wear while exercising or engaging in other strenuous


- Remove your jewelry before taking a shower or swimming, and take care with bracelets

while washing hands or doing dishes or other housework.


- Avoid getting lotions, perfumes, or cleaners on your jewelry.


- If your jewelry becomes soiled, gently wipe with a soft cloth.


- Keep your jewelry - especially cork and clay pieces - away from extreme heat, open flame, or prolonged exposure to sunlight. 


- Polish chains and metal charms occasionally with a soft, dry cloth. Sparkling Vine jewelry features oxidized metal alloy chains, clasps, and charms. The oxidation process gives them their gunmetal color, which may over time develop a slight patina due to contact with air, sunlight, lotions, perfumes, or your skin's unique pH and natural oils and moisture. The patina is subtle and should not take away from the beauty of your jewelry. 





My jewelry is made for delicate use, but I stand behind my work. If a part of a piece breaks or no longer functions (clasps, chains, etc.) during normal wear, I will fix it free of charge (not including shipping fees). This does not cover damage incurred from being dropped, immersed in water, or otherwise mishandled. I am not responsible for damage that occurs during shipping. If the jewelry is damaged in transit, please contact the shipping company.


I understand that things happen though! If you accidently damage a piece (drop it, break a chain or pendant, etc.), all is not lost! I may be able to repair it for a small fee. Please be aware that not all damage can be repaired (e.g., breaking a chandelier crystal pendant, etc.). Please contact me for details.


Please keep in mind:


- Handcrafted: My jewelry is made and assembled by hand - not by machine - and therefore each piece is one-of-a-kind and may differ slightly from the product images seen here. I try to make each piece as similar as possible, but there may be minor variations. This just makes each piece unique, and you'll know that no one else is wearing exactly the same jewelry as you are! 

- Cork Collection: Cork is a natural and sustainable material which is harvested from the bark of the cork tree while the tree continues to live. Minor imperfections are characteristic of both the natural beauty of the cork and the process of cutting and finishing each piece by hand, and therefore should not be considered defects.


- Crystal Collection: Minor imperfections such as small scratches, scuffs, or chips may be present in some crystals, but should not take away from the beauty of each piece.



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