Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite wine lover? Say “cheers” with a piece of wine-inspired jewelry! I know it can be a challenge to choose the right gift, so I created Sparkling Vine's exclusive Gift Guide to help make your shopping easier! 


Let's start with a few questions about the gift recipient. By getting a sense of her personality and interests, you'll be sure to find a gift that she'll love!​

Describe her personality

What are her interests?

What is her sense of style?

  • What makes her special or unique? 

  • Is she outgoing or more of an introvert?

  • Is she an artist or creative-type or is she more analytical?

  • Does she like nature and outdoor activities?

  • Is she into fashion and design?

  • Does she prefer going out or staying home?

  • Does she usually wear bright colors or something more subdued?

  • Does she like delicate jewelry or larger statement pieces? 

  • Is her style casual or sophisticated?

Great! Now that you've gotten a feel for what she might like, check out my  7 Style Types. These 7 Style Types reflect a variety of personalities, interests, and tastes, which I've matched to a selection of complementary jewelry pieces. Choose which type fits her the best.

Gift Guide
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​Sparkling Vine's 7 Style Types:

  1. Simple & Classic - Likes timeless style, traditional, formal, not into what's trendy

  2. Nature Lover - Supports the environment, eco-conscious, enjoys the outdoors

  3. Boho Chic - Casual, eclectic, comfortable, hippy, free-spirited

  4. Artistic - Creative, innovative, values aesthetics, flexible thinker, emotive

  5. Bold - Drawn to statement pieces, bright colors, extroverted, likes attention

  6. Subdued - Prefers delicate jewelry, neutral colors, pensive, introverted, quiet 

  7. Old-World Charm - Likes vintage pieces, Downton Abbey, romantic, old-fashioned

Shop by Style Type:

Simple & Classic

Likes timeless style, traditional, formal, not into what's trendy

Nature Lover

Supports the environment, eco-conscious, enjoys the outdoors