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"A woman who has control over her own body and her own fertility is a woman that has control over her economic future. And a woman who has control over her economic future is a scary thing, because maybe, just one day, she's going to be on equal footing with men. And if some day she's on equal footing, what's to stop her from taking control. And if she takes control, what's to stop her from treating men the way men have treated women for the past 2000 years."


― Dina Honour

We Won't Go Back

SKU: 08N-019
  • Details

    - 1"x1" glass pendant

    - ombre blue & purple
    - hand-painted silver backing
    - 18" gunmetal chain w/lobster clasp
    - black organza jewelry bag included ("brave" pendant sold separately)


    Please note: I make and assemble the jewelry by hand - not by machine - so your piece may vary slightly from the pendant pictured.

  • Care Instructions

    Remove your jewelry before showering, swimming, or exercising. These pendants are made of glass, so they may crack or chip if dropped/hit against a hard surface.

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