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Video Transcript



Text: I left my job in the corporate world to become an artist.

[Background: black & white photo of silhouettes in boardroom]

Text: Scary path - I know!

[Background: gloomy photo of train tracks in the woods]

Text: But it worked out because I found a way to combine two of my favorite things - creating art ...

[Background: photo of paint palette]

Text: ... and drinking wine!

[Background: photo of wine bottles]

Text: So how do I do that?

[Background: solid brown]

Text: I make jewelry for wine lovers!

[Background: photo of earrings]

Text: none

[Background: logo & tagline graphic]

Text: I have several collections now, but it all started with a simple cork.

[Background: collage of jewelry]

Text: I developed the idea for wine jewelry while trying to find a use for all the corks I'd collected during my trips to wine country!

[Background: photo of vineyards]

Text: Then one night, an idea came pouring out!

[Background: photo of wine barrels against a stone building]

Text: I grabbed a handful of corks, a few craft supplies, brainstormed, & drew samples. Through trial & error, I came up with the finished pieces.

[Background: photo of paint brushes]

Text: So how do I turn this ...

[Background: photo of wine corks]

Text: ... into this?

[Background: photo of wine cork bracelet]

Text: Here's a peek behind the scenes.

[Background: solid brown]

Text: First, I choose several corks from my collection & cut them by hand.

[Background: photo of cork being cut]

Text: Next, I hand-sand the pieces. I don't use machines - I do it all manually until my fingers start cramping up!

[Background: photo of rough-cut corks & sanding block]

Text: I use acrylic paints & even wine to tint the corks & give them a subtle wash of color, then I add some shimmer & glaze to make them shine.

[Background: photo of corks being painted]

Text: I embellish the corks with Swarovski crystals, bits of fabric, & hand-drawn art.

[Background: photo of work in progress]

Text: I finish off the pieces by adding sparkly glass beads & charms.

[Background: photo of work in progress on design studio table]

Text: As you can see, all that painstaking work pays off when I transform what otherwise would've been trash into one-of-a-kind pieces of wearable art!

[Background: photo of finished cork necklace]

Text: When you wear Sparkling Vine jewelry, you're wearing a statement piece that expresses your unique sense of style ...

[Background: photo of woman's hand holding a glass of wine]

Text: Text: as well as an appreciation for great wine!

[Background: photo of wine glasses on table]

Text: But you're doing more than that.

[Background: solid brown]

Text: You're being socially conscious by supporting artists & women-owned small businesses.

[Background: photo of woman's hand at a desk holding a pen & writing]

Text: You're also caring for the environment by purchasing sustainable & eco-friendly jewelry.

[Background: photo of grass]

Text: And that's something that looks great on anyone.

[Background: solid brown]

Text: none

[Background: photo collage of jewelry]

Text: none

[Background: logo & tagline graphic]

Text: none

[Background: website graphic]

Text: none

[Background: social media graphic]

Text: none

[Background: photo collage of jewelry]

--- END ---

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